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The Flood

The Flood: Are like an infection. They don’t procreate; they spread. Flood are hard to kill because they are like Zombies and don’t respond to pain like a human or Covenant being. Flood come in three forms; infection form, combat form and carrier form.


Infection form: look like small little bubbles with tentacles coming out the bottom. They attach themselves to you and scramble your insides. Your shield usually kills them from a discharge it gives off, but if your shield is down they are more then just a little problem.


Weapons: none


        Always keep moving backwards when fighting them (but keep an eye on your radar so you don’t accidentally run into a Combat form of a Flood or a Covenant!)

        Anything you use will destroy an Infection form of a flood.

        Melee is also a useful way to destroy an Infection form.

        Infection form can also go into a dead body of a Combat from flood. Using an energy sword can completely destroy the body of a combat form flood. You can also shoot off the limbs of the Combat form so no Infection form flood wishes to go into it.

        Using a gun that has a rapid fire (meaning you hold down the trigger and it continually shoots) is a great weapon to use against them.


Combat form: looks like mutated forms of Covenant and marines. They are able to attack you with long bone like (or tentacle like) fingers and are able to use weapons. It’s as if they are actually learning.  They attack so the Infection Form can infect the corps making more Combat form Flood.


Weapons: Anything that is used as a weapon in Halo 2


        Carbines are fantastic against these creatures. There is an area on the chest of it with tentacles coming out. If you practice hitting it there with a carbine, it is a one hit kills on it. (Also works with a battle rifle).

        Sticking a flood with a grenade is an all right idea, but as it charges at you, it may bring that grenade right back your way. Use with caution.

        Shotguns are an obvious weapon all level players use against flood.

        Swords completely destroy the bodies of flood.

        When a flood dies it’s body still remains meaning it is venerable to be taken over by another Infection from of a flood. You can use a sword to destroy the remains of the body. Or you can shoot off the limbs with a gun to leave it useless to any infection form of a flood.

        Human weapons are very good against the flood but then again, the only way anything is classified as good against the flood is if it kills them in a short period of time.

        DO NOT I repeat DO NOT melee these monsters! It will have no effect what so ever (dizziness to them perhaps) but they will counter back with a swift hit from their long fingers.

        If you knock a flood to the floors, you may think of shooting it in the head to make sure it’s dead. Unless you have like no ammo.


Carrier Form: Is a large sack like thing with stubby legs. If it gets close to you it will explode sending Infection forms of flood at you to attack you. The explosion can harm you and it kills the carrier form flood itself.


        A trick a lot of players use is to stick a carrier form and then shoot it and as it explodes, it kills the infection forms inside.

        Shooting it with any weapon will destroy it but the infection forms will come after you.

        You can use its exploding defense to your own desire. If you shot it, it will explode. If a combat flood goes near it you can shoot it not only killing the Carrier form but also the combat form flood around it.


Weapon: none


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