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Sentinels: are flying machine type foes that watch over what happened on Halo. They’re like warriors of the rings. There are 2 types of sentinels. One that shoots a golden beam and one that shoots out a blue beam. It is said that the one shooting the blue beam is more powerful (or more advanced) then the one shooting the golden beam.




Weapons: Sentinel Beam


        Plasma weapons are more effective against them then bullets.

        When they die, they explode, and it could cause them to blow up another nearest to them. You can try and attempt that to create a double kill.

        They move fairly slowly and that can make an advantage to you.

        They usually come out of glowing portal like things on walls. Throwing a grenade onto it can destroy it not allowing any more to come threw it.

        Sticking a sentinel with a plasma grenade is very promising, but it takes skill to actually hit the Sentinel with the grenade.



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