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Hunters: are not seen as frequently as Elites or Grunts. They are usually sent out in pairs as they are said to be mates at a young age and bound together forming a life long partnership, which suggests is why if one dies, the other becomes furious and more dangerous. They are usually sent or put in places that are of high priority or places they don’t want you going. Hunters are completely covered in a thick blue armor and have a shield made of an unknown metal that they also use as a melee weapon. They are equipped with a fuel rod canon that makes then challenging foes. Hunters don’t go down easy. It’s not just a headshot that you can use. They have exposed necks, stomachs and backs. They tilt their heads a bit covering their exposed neck. They use their shield to protect their stomach while charging or blasting you with their fuel rod canon. The only place that is left revealed is their back. There are moments where their stomachs are exposed. But their back is your only sure way of being able to kill them. You need to let them charge at you and step aside letting it miss you. You can then:


        Shot them in the back with a shotgun. This is a useful way to kill them (shooting them in the stomach is not the best idea…)

        A magnum shot to the back is a relevant idea.

        Sniping their backs (using a sniper rifle or beam rifle) is a useful tactic. In this case you don’t need to use the side stepping tactic. You can just stay a fair and safe distance away and kill them.

        If you throw a grenade it will make some damage but not a whole lot.

        Sticking a hunter with a plasma grenade will stun him and make him face you with his back (I dunno why) and allow you to attack him.

        Melee attacks are useless and using an energy sword is pointless. Attempting a melee attack is suicidal; melee attacks do not damage at all.

        Killing hunters is tricky and there’s not a lot of ways to kill a hunter. Their back is basically the easiest way to do it.


Weapons: Fuel rod canon


Colours: blue


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