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Elites: are far more intelligent then grunts and by far more powerful. Elites are more agile then most covenant and can carry heavier and more damaging weapons. Which means they are more threatening to you in most situations, and need to be taken out fast.


Colours: Blue, red, gold, black, white, honor guard


Weapons: Plasma rifles, plasma pistols, Needlers, Energy swords, Carbines, Bean rifles, (pretty much any weapon if you equip it to them) plasma grenades


        Elites have a shield like you and theirs regenerates like yours. If you want to make a quick kill, use a plasma pistol to take it down and use a battle rifle (or any other weapon) to make a clear head shot while they are stunned. One hit kill. Great skill to use on Heroic or Legendary.

        You usually find blue or red elites (if your playing on Normal) and if you stick them with a plasma grenade if will have a one hit KO. Since Elites have a large role to play in protecting the prophets, there’s a high chance they will ether try to run at you killing you in the blast as well, or pull out an energy sword and come at you.

        Heat shots are also good when facing Elites. Especially if using a sniper rifle or beam rifle.

        Beware: some Elites carry energy swords and if they feel they are over powered, they will charge at you in attempt to kill you.

        If an Elite is unaware of your presence and is walking around on patrol of the area, you can use that to make a stealthy advance by hitting them on the back making it a quick and quiet kill.


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