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Drones: Drone looks like insects and are extremely fast. Their ability to fly makes them difficult to hit. They are also very annoying if they are in large swarms (which they almost always are), which is their only real power point. Not much is known about Drones because of how quickly they move and how easily they die (as long as you are able to hit them).


Weapons: Plasma pistol, Needler (none other known so far)




        If you’re good with snipers then it’s a good way to take them out.

        But if there are no snipers or you’re not useful with one, needlers are also good because of their slight ability to follow foes as they move.

        Because Drones are used to outer space, gravity pulls them down a lot and they need to land on anything that is nearby (buildings, walls ect) and that’s a good time to shoot at them and attempt a kill.

        When facing Drones, having a place to take cover is a good thing to have. Drones don’t usually stop and take cover; they just go to rest because of gravity pulling them down.

        You usually have no opportunity to make a melee attack on Drones and it’s probably best not to try. When Drones land they usually land up high on top of buildings or walls. If one is in reach and you feel strongly that it is safe to do so, then by all means go.  Since they travel in swarms, the others will most likely attack you in the others defense.


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