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Grunts: are pretty simple foes unless they are in groups. A grunt with a needler in the protection of other grunts or elites can be somewhat challenging.


Weapons: Plasma pistol, Needler, plasma rifle, fuel rod canon, plasma grenades


Coulors: Yellow, red, green, black


        Head shoots are the best way to kill grunts. Sniping weapons or human weapons are perfect for that type of kill.

        If you stick a grunt with a grenade there is always a chance that the grunt will run to the protection of its fellow covenant, making it also injure others near it helping you by weakening them for you.

        When a grunt sleeps it feels safe and secure from danger. Take advantage of this by using a silent melee attack. If a grunt is asleep that means that there is stronger covenant close by and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.  The element of surprise can be crucial if playing on legendary or heroic.

  • If you melee atack a grunt it gives you that one mere second that can allow you a sure kill.
  • If a grunt is afraid it will run in fear and coward away. Don't let the chance to kill them go; even the most cowardly grunts will come back to fight.



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