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Jackals: are tricky foes because of their shields and can be a pain in the ass at points… They do have weaknesses though (As every foe does).


Weapons: Plasma pistols (Needlers and Plasma rifles if you give it to them).


Colours: Yellow shield, blue shield


        Jackals are always sent out with plasma pistols (unless you give them a needler or plasma rifle yourself). The small hole on he right side of their shield is a weakness point to take advantage of.

        If that is to tricky to hit try throwing a grenade (duh…)

        Plasma weapons (plasma pistol, plasma rifle ect) are the best way to take down their shield.

        Also a fast and swift melee attack can stun them long enough for you to ether hit them till they die or to shoot them.


But there are also snipers Jackals that on legendary can kill you one hit and that is just a pain in the ass as well! When playing on the outskirts level, they really start to piss you off.


Weapons: Beam Rifle


Colours: No shield


        You can turn their own trick against them by sniping them out too.

        To find out where they are, you need to watch for the trail of purple they leave behind. That can show you where the jackals are hiding.

        You can also try throwing a grenade at them.


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