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Basic tips

        To get more air while jumping crouch as you press A. This is also known as a crouch jump.

        If fighting covenant use plasma weapons and not just human weapons; plasma does more damage to shields.

        Aim for the head (a very obvious tip but also very frequently un thought of). Grunts will die one hit to the head from any human weapon or any sniping covenant weapon ex: Beam rifle, Carbine ect.

        Take cover if your shield goes down: there’s no shame in hiding, BUT there is shame in dying from a grunt.

        To board an enemy vehicle try to trick them by going in front of them and swiftly moving to the side.  Then press X.

        If a foe is asleep use a melee attack to kill it instantly.

        If your foe has it’s back turned to you, a quick melee attack will bring an instant kill.

        Energy swords are not balanced weapons although most people think they are. A balanced weapon is more like a Battle rifle. It has a scope for distance and it can just as easily be used close range.

        For a more powerful attack with an energy sword, jump and make a more aerial like attack at your foe. This can also make your chances high of you not being killed by it while you attack (good tactic for multiplayer).


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