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Contact me for more information and Details

Here you can contact me for more information on the site or anything else related Halo 2. Since I am always  her at my computer doing work or what not, i will be sure to reply to you through the system on the site below.

It's very simple really. You need to click on 'Comments or Questions?' and to see my reply later on, click 'Cat's reply'.

Comments or Questions?  Cat's Reply

This site opened on 02/03/07         Last updated: 02/03/07

Disclaimer: I am not part of the Halo 2 team nor to I claim to be or to have ever been. I do not make any money off this site, or do I get anything from it. This is a site to help people learn new tactics about Halo 2 and help new players (such as my brother) learn a thing or two to help them get better at it. Click Here to see more.