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Playing Halo 2 Mutiplayer is a great way to pratice and enhance your playing level. Multiple conecting makes an even greater challenge. I think Halo bonds people, makes then work together more and form a strange bond. A lot of people who play as teams on xbox live do that.
There are a lot of tips to know on Halo 2 Mutiplayer that could save you a lot of time of attemping to win and failing horribly. Your goal isn't to win: it's to show how much control you have in Halo (thats my thory). Yes, it's great to win, but it feels even better to get that one great head shot and to feel great about getting it!  But to get that one great head shot there are a lot of factors you need to get into consideration.
1) you need a good place to lay low until someone walks into the open.
2) That place needs to be in a spot that you can see a lot of the area you want to cover.
3) you need to watch your radar to see if anyone is coming at you. (If taht happens you need a weapon to defend yourself with. A shotgun or sword would be good).
4)The place your watching needs to be a place you know someone is bound to go to (a commonly walked through space).
5) You need to have a great deal of control with a sniper.
If you gain all of this, it will make you feel really good about yourself. But to continue on muliplayer tips...

Tips for everyman for himself!

  • There is no such thing as a cheap kill while playing multiplayer. If the game allows it then it's not unfair.
  • When to people are battling and shooting at each other there are 2 things you can do: 1) Join in because there are chances both are weakened and you can get a double kill, or 2) you can wait it tout and kill the one who won.
  • Try to memorize the map. Being able to know your surroundings will make you more confident and more secure about yourself in battle.
  • Try to remember where weapons and grenades are. Knowing where rare and strong weapons are can be very usful.
  • Never stop moving when your being shoot at or in the open. Constant moving can throw a lot of people off when they shoot or snipe you.
  • Pratice your aim. The head is the most effect place to hit. Head shots take time to learn and time to get good at. Don't think you're a great sniper after a couple good headshots. It takes time.
  • Never forget about Melee attacks. It can help you reserve amo and can give the metal beat down.
  • Remember to listen for gun fire. If you hear gun fire try to take cover as it may be you being shot at. Recegnizing rocket fire or a grenade being thrown can give you that life saving second to dodge.
  • Jumping can help you avoid shots. It can throw someone off from aiming and give you the chance to get away.
  • Remember you have grenades and you need to use them at the right time and not just at any time for fun. Grenade's cane be life saving.
  • Remember to always reload your weapon even if you shot just a couple shoots relod anyways. Going headlong and then suddenly reloading is pretty sad...
  • Don't forget that one shot of a powered uo plasma pistol is enough to take down an oversheild as well as the regular sheild too.
  • Youy can blocked teleporters. Put a vehicle on the teleporter end zone and it will not be able to be used.

Tips for Teams

  • If you see that one of your team members is firing, then it's proab;y cause they just don't like to fire there weapon (*cough cough*). They probably need a little support.
  • If you have a small argument with a playeron your side, don't be a dumbass and try to kill them! There on your side and your costimg your team points! Remember team work is best played as a team!
  • If your played capture the flag, someone should stay and gurd the flag.
  • Remeber to try and make somekind of plan to prefrome whatever task you need to complete. Running out in the open attepnting to do somthing is unwise and point costing.
  • When playing team slayer, you should really stick together. A stragler or lone warrior is defencless against 2 or 3 well skilled players.

There are 12 different mulitplayer maps in Halo 2. Each is completely different for different expreinces and new ways to cope with your suroundings and what not. The maps are called:

  • Ascension
  • Beaver Creek
  • Burial Mounds
  • Coagulation
  • Colossus
  • Headlong
  • Ivory Tower
  • Lockout
  • Midship
  • Waterworks
  • Zanzibar

Here is some info on each map on mutiplayer:

Ascension: The relay Station is part of a network that has Detla Halo Functioning for untold centuries. This area is farily large and it is possible to fall of the edge of the station so becarful. It is made for (recomended) 4-8 players. It has a Banshee as it's only Vehicle. The Banshee is a strong thing to have in your power whil playing on this map. Beware here is also a rocket launcher hidden down on a platform near the bottom of the structure.

Beaver Creek: These forgotten structures were once the site of many bitter battles but have since reclaimed by nature. This is a small map. THis map is made for (recomended) 4-8 players. No vehicles are able to be put into it. Use the pathways leading up into the rocks for good cover. Try to get the rocket before one of your enemys do. Climb the rock walkway in the middle of the creek to find the rocket launcher.

Burial mounds:This make shift Heritic camp on Basis is littered with wreckage from destruction of instalation 04. It is a meduim sized map. It can have any vehicle except a Banshee. It was made for (recomended) 4-8 players. There is a Energey Sword in one of the tunnels and a rocket launcher on one of the bridges. The large building is a good place to make your base of defence because of it's 2 turrets.

Coagulation: Recent excavations have failed to shed light on the true purpose of the outposts in the bloody gulch. This map was made to have (recomended) 10-16 players. It can have any vehicles put onto it including Banshee. It has 2 teleporters on each base. Also there are snipers on each base as well. There is a rocket Launcher located in the middle of the open space between the bases. This map is perfect for an expereinced sniper.

Colossus: Numerous scientific expeditions have failed to reveal what the forerunners intended with all this damn gas. This map was intended for (recomended) 6-10 players. No Vehicles are able to be put on this map.  There is a sniper rifle located on the one side of the area. Also, a good tip is, to shot the boxes if anyone goes near then gainong you a kill.

Headlong: Although during the day section 14 monitors almost all harbor traffic, at night it's one of the cities most notorious hieouts. There is a sword at the top of one of the buildings. Also a rocket on one of the building walk ways. A sniper is a good thing to have on this map because of the large open space at the bottom of the map. This Map was made for (recomended) 10-16 players because of it's size.  This map can have a banshee 2 ghosts and 2 worthogs.

Ivory Tower: Once the home to famous socialite Lance O'Donell, the top floor of this building is now a public park. This map was made for (recomended) 6-8 players. It is failry small. It can have a ghost as it's only Vehicle. There is a Rocket located at the ground level of the map. Also i htink thre's a sword down on ground level in the centre.(Unsure).

Lockout: Some believe this remote facility was once used to study flood. But few clues remain admist the snow and ice. There is a shotgun in the green room of the level. Be careful, it is possible to fall off the edge of the map. Careful where you step! The map is made for (recomended)2-8 players. There is a sword on the bottom level of the area. There is a sniper at the top of one of the towers. There are holes in certain area's of te floor that can make a quick and easy way to ecape unwelcomed guests. No Vehicles are able to be on this map.

Midship: Don't let it's luxuary fool you. The Pious inquisitor is one of the fastest ships in the covenant fleet. This map was made for (recomended) 4-6 players. No vehicles can go on this map. There is a sword on the floating platform above the lowest floor area. It can be accessed by jumping from the second floor area.

Waterworks: While forerunners excelled at mimiking beauty, the machinery is this caverns exemplifies their true genius. this map was made for (recommended)10-16 players. This map can have every type of vehicle put on it. The rocket launcher is located by every teleporter.

Zanzibar: Wind power station 7 sits as a mute reminder if the EAP's late 25th-century attempt at re-nationalization. This map was made for (recomended)8-10 players. There is a sword in the middle part of the spinning wheel. There is a sniper on the walkway near the beach. If you open the gate, look at the scree that opens the gate with a non sniping weapon. (LOL!)





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