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The Vehicles in Halo  2 aren't much different then the ones in  Halo: Combat Evolved. There are some new things added to them that they didn't have before.

Human Vehicles: have been modifyed and enhanced from the first Halo to ensure saftey from the Covenant.

Warthog/Gauss Warthog- Not much differnece, except if you press the right trigger you hont your horn. A new Warthog has been added though, the Gauss Warthog shoots out 25mm projectiles (somewhat like Rockets but they move MUCH faster and the projectiles are a bit smaller. Can Carry 3.

Scorpian- is a tank. It has a turret Machine gun and has a main Cannon. I'm pretty sure it has somewhat changed since Halo:Combate evolved. It moves slower and is refered to as a Scoripian. Can Carry 4 and a Driver (totaling it up to 5).

Pelican- You will never in Halo 2 get the Chance to actually fly a Pelican. The Pelican is a dropship for Marines and the Master Cheif. Can hold multiples of Marines.


Covenant Vehicles: are obivously far more advanced since their weapons are. They have a type of boost (ghost, Wraith ect).

Ghost: The Ghost is a small Vehicle made for speed and is equipped with 2 plasma rifle like cannons. Ghosts move fast and can be hard to highjack. The best way to take out a ghost is to take out the driver with a sniping weapon. Rockets also work good too... Usually Elites drive this Vehicle but even Grunts can operate the machine. To come close to flying with the Ghost, find something to use as a ramp. Use your boost and fly off the ramp pull back and press A and it will seem as if your flying for a short peroid of time. Can only driven by one.

Banshee: The Banshee is a plying Vehicle used for transportaiton mostley. It is (like the ghost) equpped with two plasma rifle like cannons and too has a boost button. This small Vehicke is equipped with a Banshee bomb (press B to shoot it) and it is similar to a fuel rod cannon blast. To preform Banshee tricks, press A and pull the thumb stick foreword, backwords or to ether side.(Can only be driven by one).

Wraith: The Wraith is the Covanent Tank. Unlike Halo: Combat evolved, you can drive the Wraith. It has a boost and fires a blue expolsive like light. The wraith is used only by Elites and Brutes. Can only be used and driven by one.

Spectre: The Specter is like the Covenant Warthog. It can Carry 2 passengers, a gunner and driver (a total of 4). It has a boost but the gun must be fired by a different person (it can be used by another Elite computer controled). It is a new Vehicle for Halo 2.

Shadow: The Shadow is a transporation device fot ground movement. It can carry up to 8 elites inside including a Gunner and Driver (totaling it up to 10). You can operate the Gunner as long as there is no driver and you haden't blown up the Shadow yet, but you can't drive the Shadow.

Phantom: The Phantom is another tranportation Vehicle but it is used to transport by air. It can hold a number of people inside. It is equipped with 3 guns to protect the Covenant inside from enemy fire. You won't get a chance in Halo 2 to drive one.


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