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Here is the cheats page! Since I'm to lazy to type it ALL out my self, I will use cheats off of other sites. Anything pu in bracets is my own additions to the cheats to make it easier for you to understand. The links will be posted below with credit and thanks for making my life easier! PS at the bottom I will post my own cheats!
This page also has just funny stuff that was put into Halo 2. Enjoy!
Easy Brute Boss Fight

On the very last level in Halo 2 when you get your banshee and Johnson gets the scarab, if you shoot of your wing you can fly the banshee into the temple. This makes it impossible for the brute chief to kill you but you can kill him. This is very useful, especially on legendary when he's almost invincible.
Huge MC

This can only be done on multiplayer. On the level burial mounds put on wraiths then have player 1 get in the wraith and drive it to the pillar that looks burnt where the ghost is. Have player 2 stand at the bottom where the pillar slants and have person in the wraith press the L trigger. This will send player 2’s dead body through the wall. If the body looks like it hits something round while it is flying through the wall then look in the sky and u will see the body in mid air as big as the arena.
Sword/Rocket Launch

Get a sword and a rocket launcher on any level. (it can be in campaign or multiplayer). Aim at an enemy with the rocket launcher and hit the (Y) button and the right trigger simultaneously. If done right you will fly at the enemy you were aiming at.
Funny Sign
Go to Zainbar (a mulitplayer level). Go inside the building. Go upstairs to where you can punch out the glass. There should be a doorway leading to the spot that you can open up the gate. Go up to it and prees X. Don't then run to a different spot yet. A blue screen should appear. Get a non-zooming gun, and zoom in and read the bluue screen. It will say something I know you will crack up when you read it.
Spiderman Mode (As I call it).
Lets face it. The Outskirts level is very hard on legendary. Especially the part with a the snipers in the ally. I found out how to skip that. After you are done being all woozy kill that first grunt and go across the street to the ally (behind the building). There is a ledge that you can either crouch jump, grenade jump, or jump on a friends back on co-op. After that, jump on the next ledge.(careful, you have to jump at the last second or you will hit you head on the roof and fall down). Then, turn around and jump on the roof. Keep hopping on the roofs until you have to turn left. Turn left and make your way to the longer highway strip on the right. Once on that highway strip, keep walking to the black end of it, and then turn right and you will see the Zanzibar hotel. Drop down there and there you go, you skipped the ally part  (works, i found it on my own though.)
Some of the cheats above are also this site: Click Here!
Some of the cheats above are also from this site: Click Here!
My Cheats!
Allow two people to ride on a warith
This cheat isn't hard at all, but is quite clever.  The wraith has to be in the posestion of an emeny. You have to be on Mulitplayer or Co-op. One person go and hop on the back of a wraith (do not place a grenade in it!) then the other player go and jump on the top. The player on top of the wraith Melee attack the elite, brute or whatever untill its killed.  That player will then jump off and get into the wraith, with the other player still on the back for the ride. Its a good way to transport 2 players when theres no other vehicles.
 Tank Weak Spots
The two tanks in Halo 2 have different weaks spots (and strong points). The human Scorpion tank has a turret that is almost invincible; it's naturally vulnerable in the body and the four tread motors (which count against its hull integrity).

The alien Covenant Wraith has a very strong glacis (the front armored bulge where the pilot is). Consequently, it has a very weak rear.

Rockets affect both tanks as if the weakest facing is used, meaning two shots will knock out any tank.
Destroy the Ghost
Facing the Ghost from behind, to the left, behind the left wing is an alien gas tank shaped like a circle. It's only on the left side. Shoot it 3 times with pistol or 1 time with the shotgun, battleriffle or carbine and say good bye.
Secert Energy Sword in Outskirts
A video is going to be made explainging this.
The rest of My Cheats Will be posted as soon as I have them all typed out! I will then post them! Please be patient :)

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Disclaimer: I am not part of the Halo 2 team nor to I claim to be or to have ever been. I do not make any money off this site, or do I get anything from it. This is a site to help people learn new tactics about Halo 2 and help new players (such as my brother) learn a thing or two to help them get better at it. Click Here to see more.