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The weapons of Halo 2 have advanced since Halo: Combat Evolved. More weapons have also been added to the game giving you more options and more of a choice of how you choose to kill the covenant, Flood or Brutes.


Depending on what enemy your up against, you need to choose carefully on how you are going to attack or defeat them. Or you can just run out and go nuts (Always a personal favourite of mine J).

Human weapons: are weapons designed by humans. Marines are always sent out with this form of weaponry. (Unless you give them covenant weaponry). They human weapons use Ammo that is ammo clips, Magazines and Cartridges.
Magnum: It's another versain of the Pistol used on the first halo. It was designed from the crew of the autumn.  The difference is the Magnum has no scope so less accuracy.  Each magazine holds 12 bullets. It's good close range but since it has no scope it's distance range ins't to good. It has slow reloding time. It is capable for duel wielding.
SMG- is a machine gun. It has a rapid fire unlike the magnum. It is duel wield capable. It is better for close range fighting then long range. It is not very usful for distance. The SMG uses Magazines that hold 60 each a a maximume of 180 shots (3 magazines). It has excelent accuracy close range. This gun is good for large groups of enemys because of it's continuas fire.
Batte Rifle: a personal favourite of mine! Each time the trigger is pressed, 3 bullets shoot out. This is like a replacment for the assult rifle. The Battle Rifle has a x2 scope making it a vert balanced weapon. Meaning it is excellent for close range and distance. The Battle Rifle is not able tp duel wield. It uses magazines taht have 36 bullets in each. It can carry a maximum of 108 bullets (3 magazines).
Shotgun: Has been known as the best weapon to use against the flood. It hasn't changed very much since the last use in Halo: Combat Evolved. This is probably the last weapon you want to think about using for long range battle. It is unble to duel wield.  It's reloading time is quite slow. This weapon os great for close range.It can hold 36 catridges (3 magazines). Each magazine for the shotgon holds 12 bullets.
Sniper Rifle: The best weapon for long range. The sniper rifle can hold 24 bullets and a max of 6 magazines each holding 4 bullets. This is unable to duel wield. The sniper has not changed from the Halo: Combat evolved. Snipers are not a wise chioce for close range so you should have a good close range weapon as your back up.
Rocket Launcher: If you want to make a bang, this is the way to do it. The Rocket launcher can hold 8 rounds and can hold a max of 3 magazines for aditional ammo. This is the worst weapon to use close range because you could blow up yourself in the progess as blowing up covenant or what not. It is unable to duel wield.
Frag Grenade: The fragmentaion Grenade is excellent for large groups of enemy. It is also good for tossing around corners. You can bounce it off a wall to go over to enemy's behind corners. It is highly explosive and you wouldn't want to be caught up in the blast.
Turrets: In area's of Halo you may find turrets that can be useful for you. It can help you take out large crowds and even reserve your ammo. The Turret has unlimited ammo and a continuous fire. It is good for close rang and long range.


Covenant weapons: Are to say the least, far more advanced then human weapons. Covenant weapons are used by covenant (you will probably never see a covenant wielding a human weapon unless you as the arbiter gives it to them). Covenant weapons use battery packs and plasma bullet like things.
Plasma Pistol: is like a regular pistal, besides the fact it uses battery power and shoots plasma out instead of bullets. It is by a rule used by lower ranked covenant (grunts, jackals, Drones). If you hold down the trigger it will create a surge like power and when released will follow enemy. If used on an Elite, it will without fail take down their sheil and a clear head shot should kill them  instantly. It is able to duel wield.
Plasma Rifle: Is similar to a machine gun, except it shoots out plasma like bullets (similar to the plasma pistol). This is a good weapon against covenant because it damages their sheilds more then bullets. This is used by higher ranked covenant fighters (Elites mostley). The only thing about this gun that is a downside is that it over heats after awhile if you use it a lot. If you melee a foe while it is over heated, the damage is higher then a regular melee attack. It is able to duel wield. It uses a battery. There is also a similar Plasma Rifle gun that Brutes use. It is red and over heats faster.
Needler: The Needler is a gun that shoots out small projectile like needles. they each have a homing device type of thing in them that makes them have great accuracy. When they hit the target, they make a small explosion. If your enemy is hit with a large ammount, it creates a massive explision killing them. It is capable of duel weild. It can hold 90 needles. Unlike the plasma riffle the Needler does not use a battery pack. It's reloading speed is average. It is usually used by expereined Grunts and Elites. (Also used by Drones).
Carbine: is like a covenant Battle Rifle that shoots individuale shoots. It does not use a battery nor is it duel wield capable.  It is a balanced weaopon because of it's ability to be used close range and it's x2 scope. Carbines are powerful in the hands of a experienced Covenant. It's amunitoin is like energy progectiles. It can hold 72 rounds and a max of 4 magazines. It's reloding speed is average. It is used by expereinced Elites.
Beam Rifle:  Is like the Covenant Sniper Rifle. It shoot out accilerated Patricle beams. It is unable to duel wield. It uses a Battery pack similar to the Plasma pistol and plasma rifle. It will over heat after two quick shots. This is usually used by sniping covenent such as Jackals and also at times by Elites.  This gun is NOT made for close range battle.
Brute Shot: Brute shots are barley ever used by Elites (unless you give one to them). This gun is mostly used by Brutes. It is similar to a grenade launcher and is equally dangerous.  It is unable to duel wield. this gun is used for distance but no to far of distance. Keep a good sistance enough so you don't get hit from the blast. For the melee attack it has a long blade at the end for a very damaging melee hit.
Fuel Rod Cannon: Is the Covenant rocket launcher. Unlike the Human Rocket Launcher, it does not have a homing device. It sends out explosive energy projectiles. It is unable to duel wield. these guns are used only by high quality grunts. This is best used for long range and dangerous to try close range.
Energy Sword: The covenant energy sword is a very dangerous weapon for an Elite to have in it's posession. Only the most expereinced Elites are given these.  It is a pure enrgey sword that is powered by a battery (similar to a Plasma pistol or Plasma Rifle). It is cloe range  and immposible to use as a long range weapon. It is not a balanced weapon. It is unable to duel wield. If you jumped and press the right trigger while pointing at an enemy, as long as the aimer is red, you will lunge at them in an areial attack format.

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