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Brutes: are large mammal like beasts that a lot of the time rely on brute strength (which is probably why and how they got their name). They travel in packs, and if all but one remains alive it will berserk and attack anything and anyone out of anger and rage.


Colours: brown fur, white fur (which could mean age)


Weapons: brute plasma pistol, brute shot


        When a brute charges at you, your instinct says, “MOVE!” and that’s exactly what you need to do. Brutes won’t grow tired of trying to attack you, they will attack until your dead, and even after that they’ll still be berserking. Throwing a plasma grenade should stop it from berserking.

        If you have no grenades, they you can a) use your camouflage if you’re the arbiter and then attack it from behind or b) Take cover up somewhere high. There are often hidden places in Halo 2 that are excellent hiding places.

        You can then shoot at it until it dies. If you have enough courage and nerves if steel you can try melee attacking it until it dies or you die.

        If it is no berserking your still not out of danger. You can camouflage and melee it from behind.

        Or you can just simply keep your distance and shoot at it with any form of weapon.

        Carbines (or Battle rifles) are excellent to use on Brutes. If you use it to make head shots on them it can kill them very fast. (Scooping makes you have more accuracy).

        Also Snipers (and Beam rifles) are very useful against Brutes.

        Although shotguns are powerful, they aren’t very useful close up on Brutes. They do damage but you need time to cock the shotgun which can also be health lost.

        Swords are pretty good against Brutes. If you jumped and press the trigger while a brute is berserking, it is a lot easier to kill it. The aerial sword maneuver can take time to practice.


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