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Disclaimer info.
I do not work for Bingie or Microsoft nor do i work for anything to do with Halo: Combate Evolved or Halo 2. I make no money off this site or gain anything from it.
This site is harmless.It does not exposs anything bad of Bungie or Microsoft in any way. It is just a site of tios, hints, help and cheats for Halo 2.
All rights lay with Microsoft, Bungie and any people in charge of the Halo  2 project.
Specail thanks to those who made and supported Halo 2.
Below are the credits of Halo 2 (Half of the credits in the back of the Halo 2 case booklet):
Project Lead:
Jason Jones
Executive Producer:
Pete Parson
Engenering Leads:
CHarlie Gough
Chris Butcher
Michael Evans
Ben Wallace
Design Leads:
Paul  Bertone
Jamie Griesemer
Art Director:
Marcus Lehto
Writer, Director of Cinematics:
Joseph Staten
Composer, Audio Director:
Marty O'Donnell
Multiplayer & User-interface Lead:
Max Hoberman
Michael Bastien
Hamilton Chu
Curtis Creamer
Test Manager, producer
Harold Ryan
Hao Chen
Bernie Fredin
Bart House
Damian Isla
Jason Major
Eamon McKenzie
Mat Noguchi
Adrian Perez
Stefan Sinclair
Greg Snook
Luke Timmis
Additional Engenering:
Damien Neff
Mission Designers:
Tyson Green
Rob Stokes
Additional Mission design:
Hadry LeBel
Stephen Okasaki
Cinematic Designers:
CJ Cowan
Lead 3D & Effects Artist:
Shi Kai Wang
3D Artsist:
Eric Arroyo
Travis Brady
Robt McLees
Juan Ramirez
Additoinal 3D art:
Kelly Rains
Animation, Game & Cinematic:
Bill o'Brian
Mike Budd
John Butkus
Nathan Walepole
Additional Animation:
Jeremy Fones
Stacey Morre
Lead Ebviorment Artisits:
David Dunn
Christopher Barrett
Single-player Enviorment Artits:
Frank Capezzuto
Vic DeLeon
Tom Doyle
Justin Hayward
Paul Russel
Michael Wu
Mike Zak
Additional Single-player Enviroment Art:
Chris Lee
Lead Multiplayer Enviorment Artist:
Chris Carney
And everyone else that helped and supported Halo 2.

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Disclaimer: I am not part of the Halo 2 team nor to I claim to be or to have ever been. I do not make any money off this site, or do I get anything from it. This is a site to help people learn new tactics about Halo 2 and help new players (such as my brother) learn a thing or two to help them get better at it. Click Here to see more.